AS Christmas is just around the corner, many teenagers may be asking for an E-scooter on the big day – but do you know you can only legally ride them on private land?

The scooters are growing in popularity and South Yorkshire Police wants to remind parents and guardians of the rules about how they should be used.

If you own, or are planning to own a scooter, make sure you know where you can ride one – or you might be facing a road traffic offence.

E-scooters fall within the definition of motor vehicles which mean the same rules apply to a car as an e-scooter – this includes:

  • Driving with a licence

  • Driving with insurance

  • Taxing the vehicle

  • Having a valid MOT

However, it is not possible to get appropriate insurance for privately owned e-scooters – which makes them illegal to be driven on the roads.

If not used correctly, riders can face prosecution.

Inspector Jason Booth, from South Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Group, said: “We understand that e-scooters are a really attractive proposition either as a mode of transport or for recreational use.

“But it appears not everyone is clear on the rules surrounding e-scooters and their correct use. Incorrect and inconsiderate use can put both the riders and other members of the public at risk.

“We would urge everyone considering purchasing an e-scooter as a gift this Christmas please take note of all the rules and regulations surrounding these potentially dangerous pieces of equipment. Our officers are also on hand to provide advice and reassurance around these too if you see one being used out and about.

“We hope everyone across South Yorkshire has a merry and enjoyable Christmas, but also a safe Christmas. So please think carefully about any e-scooter purchase this year.”