A HAIRDRESSER who’s spent most of her life cutting and colouring celebrated 35 years in business today.

Dawn Platts was 21 when she took on Level Two hair salon on Peel Street on September 11, 1986 – and she’s now making sure the children of her very first clients look their best.

Initially, customers had to walk through a computer shop on the ground floor to find her upstairs.

She’s seen plenty of changes in styles and trends, but getting her own dedicated entrance was a significant one that showed her she’d made the right decision.

“After six years of making it a success, the landlord put me my own stairs and door in,” said Dawn, 55.

“I still remember my first day and wondering whether anybody would come through the shop to have their hair done.

“We’ve seen a lot come and go, and seen how Barnsley has changed and we’ve managed to keep open.

“We’ve got through it all, and through lockdown.

“It’s down to the commitment of my staff and clients.

“I’ve got a fantastic, loyal clientele – I’ve done babies, who are now adults who are having their children.

“They remember me when they’re fetching their children, and I can remember them as a child.”

Dawn has two members of staff, an apprentice and a part-time member, but admits handing the business over isn’t something she’s thought about.

“You can’t be a hairdresser forever,” she added.

“I’ll go as long as I can.”