THERE’S still ‘a lot of work to do’ to get through the coronavirus pandemic which is ‘far from over’, according to members of the Barnsley outbreak control board.

The town’s outbreak control plan and board was created back in June 2020 in a bid to reduce the impact of coronavirus in Barnsley’s communities.

Members of the board, which is made up of a number of representatives, are urging residents to remain wary and to keep doing the basics to ensure the rise in cases doesn’t continue.

A statement from the board states: “We’ve returned to a climb in all-age case rates, and as our baseline number was quite high to start with, it puts Barnsley above the England average.

“Like other areas of the country, this is down to the ongoing conditions for community transmission a more relaxed approach to social mixing and safety measures now largely voluntary.

“However, we know that the most common variant, Delta, is also highly transmissible and while having both doses of the vaccine makes you far less likely to become seriously ill from Covid, it’s still a pretty unpleasant experience.”