BARNSLEY Council received fewer complaints in 2020/21 than in the previous year while also racking up more ‘compliments’ from residents.

Almost 500 people complimented the work the council’s team did last year, with an increase of more than 100 people enjoying its service from year before.

A total of 211 customers complained to the council – a decrease of 64 from the previous year’s tally of 275.

There were also more complaints acknowledged within the three-day working timescale – 89 per cent – than the 55 per cent reported figure just one year prior.

Of the complaints received, a total of 105 cases were upheld, 51 partially upheld, 47 not upheld, seven inconclusive and one following an alternative route for completion.

Nine complaints progressed onto the review stage – there were seven stage two reviews for children’s social care, one stage two corporate review for environment and transport, and one stage three review in respect of children’s services.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “It is important to note that not all customer concerns are processed as a complaint. “Where a customer has contacted the service direct and their concerns are resolved, there is often no requirement to escalate this through the council’s complaints procedure.

“However, it is vital that we make sure the customer is informed of their right to make a complaint should their concern remain unresolved or they remain unhappy.

“Work continues within the council to encourage this approach, thus ensuring complaints received are those where there is a real need to focus on investigating where a customer’s experience has fallen below expectations.”