RESIDENTS are urged to think before binning their rubbish and to recycle what they can.

The council's fly-tipping prevention page Dumpit and Scarper has made the statement, stating that recycling can help free up valuable space in your wheelie bin.

Your grey bin should include food waste, plastic trays and film, polystyrene packaging, and sanitary wear and nappies.

In your brown bin you should put food tins, drink cans, mixed glass bottles and jars, and plastic bottles.

Your blue bin is for paper and cardboard including junk mail, shredded paper, catalogues and brochures, and magazines.

Putting food waste into your blue bin may lead to a large lorry load of waste becoming contaminated and being rejected from the sorting mill – as a result this negatively impacts the recycling process.

Finally your green bin should include garden waste such as grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, flowers, and hedge clippings.