A NUMBER of pork crackling products have been recalled due to fears they could contain salmonella.

Tayto Group Ltd is recalling the Mr Porky, Jay's, and The Real Pork Crackling products over fears they contain the bug.

Salmonella, or food poisoning, can cause an upset stomach, fever and stomach cramps and can last up to four to seven days.

The products that need to be recalled are:

  • Mr Porky Original Scratchings – 40g bags, 65g bags, 16.5g (six pack), and 16.5g (five pack)

  • Mr Porky Crispy Strips – 35g bag

  • Mr Porky Crackles – 70g bag

  • Mr Porky Prime Cut Scratchings – 35g

  • Jay's Pork Scratchings – 60g bag

  • The Real Pork Crackling Company Pork Crunch – 30g and 70g bags

Each product should be returned if the best before date is up to or includes February 19, 2022.

If you have any of these products, you should return them to the shop you purchased them from for a full refund.