TWO identical twins from Mapplewell were shocked to open their GCSE results yesterday and find they’d received the exact same results.

Sophie and Amelia McGowan, both 15, attend Darton Academy and are in the same friend group – deeming them almost inseparable.

At GCSE they took almost the same subjects, apart from switching out geography for history, and the girls’ mum, 40-year-old Danielle spoke about the ‘bizarre’ incident.

“Amelia and Sophie basically take all the same subjects and they got the exact same grades – A** in science and English literature, A* in geography, history and English language, A in RE, a B in maths and a C in French.

“It’s all just a bit bizarre – they were both shocked when they opened their results.

“I’m extremely proud of them both for their results considering how challenging the last year has been due to the pandemic.”

The links don’t stop there for the twins, as they’re both now heading to Barnsley Sixth Form College.

“Sophie wants to be a doctor and so she’s studying biology, chemistry and history, and Amelia wants to be a lawyer so she’s taking geography, RE and English literature,” their mum added.