TODAY is the day we have been waiting for, the day Covid restrictions lift – also known as Freedom Day, but what's going to change?

Under the coronavirus roadmap plan, all social distancing measures were intended to be lifted on June 21. However with a rise in the Delta variant of the virus, some social distancing will remain in place, but wearing a mask will now be optional.

From today (July 19) clubs can reopen for the first time since last year, and there will be no limit on the amount of people that can meet up or book into a restaurant.

Rules around social distancing have also been removed – meaning people will not have to queue 1m apart in shops and other venues.

This also means that once again punters can queue at the bar, rather than wait for table service.

The legal requirement to scan a QR code for track and trace has also ended.

Anyone working from home could soon be back in the office as the government's guidance around working from home has been dismissed. While the return might not be right away, it is now up to individual employers to decide how to proceed with flexible working.

Also there will be no limit on how many visitors a resident in a care home can receive. Visitors will still be required to wear personal protective equipment and will be advised to limit physical contact.

Despite the Covid rules being scrapped, some businesses have announced that measures will still be in place.

Visitors to Barnsley Hospital and anyone travelling on public transport will still be required to wear a face covering.