OFFICERS from across the region are urging drivers to be more cautious on the roads as 'freedom day' approaches.

South Yorkshire Police has launched a campaign called Slow Down Save Lives which aims to tackle instances of speeding.

Driving at excess speeds contributes to one-in-three fatal road collisions and the campaign was created to remind drivers to stick to the speed limits, and drive to the conditions of the road.

Joanne Wehrle, manager for the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, said: “Speed does kill. It sounds shocking but it is true, and this campaign is all about reminding people that if you do the right thing – you will save lives.

“Ultimately, drivers and riders who are travelling at inappropriate speeds are more likely to crash and their higher speed means the crash will cause more severe injuries, to themselves and/or to other road users.

“With restrictions about to be lifted, we want people to be able to enjoy their new-found freedom and make the last year count, don’t let speeding cost you your licence, your job or even worse.”

Latest figures show that 2,644 people were injured in a road traffic collision in South Yorkshire in 2020.

Studies by national charity Brake show that lowering your speed by just 1mph, reduces your chances of being involved in a collision by five per cent