BARNSLEY Council is asking parents and carers who have recently accessed - or are looking to access - childcare in Barnsley for their feedback.

It is the council’s duty and legal responsibility to ensure that the childcare across the borough meets the needs of parents and carers.

To do this, they run a childcare sufficiency assessment each year - and a crucial part of the survey is first-hand views from those involved with childcare.

The council is therefore asking those residents to get in touch if you’ve faced any challenges or barriers.

Coun Trevor Cave, cabinet spokesperson for children’s services, said: “Our annual Childcare Sufficiency Report is vital in helping us make sure we’re meeting the needs of families and carers across the borough.

“I’d really urge parents or carers to share with us their experiences as it will go a long way in helping us identify the barriers families come across, how these could be overcome and assess where there might be a need for more childcare provision.

“It also provides us with the knowledge needed to help new childcare businesses to set up or existing settings to expand to meet these needs.

“We strive to be a learning Barnsley and providing sufficient childcare is essential to help parents or carers return to work, take steps to return to work or undertake training to increase their skills to gain employment.

“It’s also vital that every child has the opportunity to access early education for a great start in life as they lay their early development foundations for their learning journey.”

To get involved, email