RESIDENTS who are in recovery from Covid are considered to think about the Thee Ps to help speed up their recovery.

During recovery, you may experience symptoms such as fatigue and breathlessness which could impact your ability to complete everyday activities.

The three Ps are designed to help people to recover from the illness.

The first P is Pace and urges residents to break activities into smaller tasks and to build rests periods into activities.

The second is Prioritise which urges people to prioritise necessary tasks that need to be done in the day so that you don't get overwhelmed with tasks.

The third P is Plan.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System said: “Look at activities you normally do daily and develop a plan to spread these out evenly.

“Think about what activities you find most tiring and make sure you spread these out – don' try and complete several activities all in one go.”