A TEACHER at a Worsbrough school is appealing for graffiti artists and poets to help brings the arts to the pupils.

During October, a sports and art week will be held at The Mill Academy in a bid to get pupils interested in after-school activities.

Deputy headteacher Amy Holwell helped to organise the week, but said she is on the look-out for graffiti artists to help brighten up the playground.

“We have two big walls that we would love to have covered in graffiti art,” said Amy. “We are hoping a local graffiti artist will get in touch and help the children to decorate the wall.

“We would also love a local poet because we want to encourage the children to try hobbies they might not know about. A lot of our kids don't have hobbies outside of school and we are hoping that the sports and art week will pique their interest in different activities.”

If you are, or know of any graffiti artists or poets who would like to take part in the week, email a.holwell@smat.org.uk.