A BARNSLEY MP has appealed to transport bosses to drop their ‘unacceptable’ price hike proposals which could see a five per cent rise in bus fares from next week.

Last week Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central, urged travel bosses to reconsider the price increase that comes into force on Monday.

He then spoke at Northern Transport Summit last week to rubbish the proposals in a speech.

Now, the MP has written a letter to bus companies to call the increased TravelMaster fare rise an ‘unacceptable kick in the teeth’ for Barnsley passengers.

He said: “Local leaders and I will not accept a situation where bus companies want to be considered an essential service justifying exceptional support when times are bad.

“But then immediately seek to make a quick profit on the backs of the travelling public when the crisis has passed.

“The operators should drop these disgraceful proposals and commit to working with us to build the service that we all want to see and that our communities deserve.”