HANDBAGS filled with toiletries were donated to the IDAS women’s refuge by Barnsley College this month as part of a charity campaign.

The ‘Love Grace’ handbag appeal was set up in memory of 21-year-old Grace Millane who was murdered while travelling in New Zealand in 2018.

Hair, beauty and catering curriculum leader Martyn Hollingsworth, whose niece was a friend of Grace’s, started the college initiative with the head of learning for living and work, Nicola Thomson-Dewey.

She said: “When someone is escaping a violent relationship or find themselves in a difficult situation, the last thing they may think about is themselves.

“These bags could have such a positive impact just by showing that there are people out there who care.

“An act of kindness can be beneficial to everyone involved and we’re very lucky to be able to continue the initiative throughout this difficult time.”

Covid restrictions had hindered the collection of the women’s handbags, and so Nicola got in contact with Temple Spa and teamed up with Body Shop consultant Emma Shaw.

Emma added: “My mum passed away two years ago, and she loved to help people plus she loved her handbags.

“So, we thought what a great charity to donate to.

“Myself, friends, colleagues, and my customers from my Body Shop group donated and bought products and bags to help this fantastic course.

“I also donated several handbags that belonged to my mum as I felt this was a great way to honour her.”