FIRE crews have urged teenagers to avoid participating in a TikTok trend which has seen a rise in reports of teens stuck in children's swings.

Crews from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have been called out numerous times to deal with young people who are stuck and have said the challenge can pull them away from more serious emergencies.

The challenge, popular on TikTok, sees teens climbing into the children's swing which can result in them becoming stuck.

The teen then has to be cut from the swing, which can incur costs to the council to replace.

A spokesperson for SY Fire and Rescue said: “Whilst we are in support of children getting out in the fresh air, we cannot support this particular challenge – these incidents waste our time and could slow our response to a more serious incident.

“Please, if you know someone who is taking part in this challenge, ask them not to.

“This one isn't funny.”