PEOPLE living in a narrow Penistone lane are pleading for help in stopping lorries from using the route.

Town councillors heard the situation in Chapel Lane was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ and Barnsley Council’s highways bosses are being urged to hold a site visit to consider implementing weight and height restrictions.

Resident Duncan Sissions said he was pleading on behalf of residents of Chapel Lane and Hartcliffe Road, especially the bend by the traffic lights.

“Our family has owned property in the area for more than 75 years and in that time we have never known any damage,” he said.

“However, in the past year we have twice had a wall damaged by HGVs.

“One lorry was wedged so tightly it could not move.

“Traffic has gone up significantly in recent years, not just due to the 140 homes built by Persimmon, but because of an increase in this route being used by lorries.

“It is a lane, not a main road – lorries are so big and by our cottage there is no safe space when they pass.

“We want Barnsley Council to have a meeting at the site, see how things can be made safer and we want town council support.

“This lane is used by mums with pushchairs and horse riders, but currently it is not safe as it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Mayor Andrew Millner said the council had already set up a road working group, headed by Coun Neville Shiggins.

Coun Joe Unsworth said he witnessed the most recent incident. “The lorry was of unbelievable length,” he added. “A weight and height limit is needed.

“We need to remind ward councillors of this issue.”