THE VOICES of more than 800 Barnsley residents will be heard in a new campaign about how life has changed during the pandemic.

In January last year, a series of workshops were run by Barnsley Council and Magpie – a creative behaviour change agency – to better understand how Barnsley residents felt about the coronavirus pandemic.

The results show that eight per cent of people surveyed are following government guidance to stay safe, and that 90 per cent of people aged over 50 have now had the vaccine.

Those surveyed said that the vaccine rollout makes them fee more confident and reassured as restrictions begin to be eased.

Julia Burrows, director of public health for Barnsley, said: “This piece of research has been so valuable in understanding the way people feel now, a year into the pandemic.

"Alongside the ‘Day in the Life’ research we undertook in November, this has given us a real insight into how Covid-19 has impacted lives and how we can better support our residents to keep safe and well.

“I want to thank everyone who took part in this research – it really is appreciated.

“We’ve listened to what you’ve said, and our new campaign reflects what you’ve asked of us. It will provide the information you need and make it easier to keep you and your loved ones safe.”