A HOYLAND woman has pledged to walk the equivalent distance of Mount Kilimanjaro in a bid to raise vital funds for a slavery survivors charity.

Linda Walmsley, from Hoyland Common, is a health and wellbeing facilitator at City Hearts charity and hopes to help fund a restoration hub for survivors – estimated at around £62,000.

The 39-year-old has challenged herself to walk the equivilant distance of a trek to the summit of the famous mountain – amassing more than 103,000 steps over a period of two weeks.

She said: “I see every day how my role really makes a difference. Even something as simple as going for a walk with a client increases their wellbeing – and helps me too.

“The isolation of some clients caused them to have suicidal thoughts.

“Decisions about whether they could stay in the country or would be sent back to their country of origin have been slower or up in the air with the various agency staff working from home.

“Clients struggled with the uncertainty without people to talk their fears through with, especially if there was a language barrier.

“When I heard about Sofa to Summit, I saw it as a great way to reclaim my mojo and raise money for a vital cause.

“I was encouraged when many of my friends at Mothers Runners got involved or sponsored me towards our goal of £62,000, including our inspiring founder, Kayla.

“Every day I see how the money we raise can make such a massive difference in our clients’ lives.”

To donate to Linda’s fundraiser, click here.