A CLEAN-UP service has urged residents to remain vigilant after finding dangerous and unsanitary waste ditched in local parks across the borough.

Twiggs, a firm employed by several of Barnsley’s six area councils, helps to clear a significant amount of waste in areas across Barnsley but has since urged residents to report any unsanitary waste to the group or to Barnsley Council.

This comes after the crew reported a syringe that had been ditched in a Barnsley park.

A spokesperson from Twiggs said: “Unfortunately this is an image we see quite often.

“It’s hard to understand why anyone drops rubbish, but harder to understand why people drop unsanitary or dangerous waste.

“It’s simply impossible to understand why people drop them in a child’s play park for children to stumble across.

“This shouldn’t discourage people from coming to parks, just to report them to either our team or the council directly.

“To do this, please let us know via community@twiggsuk.co.uk and our team will safely remove the item.

“If there is a bigger issue to tackle we can work with your local Barnsley Council Area Team to try and best find a solution to the route of the problem.”