PEOPLE with disabilities from across the borough are being invited to take part in a project that explores the barriers and experiences of disabled people at home and work.

The Way Ahead project is led by artist Caroline Cardus, and is part of a national project called Here and Now which helps communities to celebrate their local cultures.

Caroline is urging local residents who have a disability to create a road sign about the experiences and barriers you may face in your daily life.

The signs will be included in part of an art installation in Mandela Gardens which will be revealed this summer.

The Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group also revealed the signs could be useful to help disabled people to have their say on what local services do or do not work well for them.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Someone has done a sign which says 'Warning, not all disabilities are visible'. Another one is where a dad describes carrying ear defenders for his son when they are out because he's affected by noises in certain places that other's might not notice.

“We thought about what those signs might say about our local health services - it might be about access to buildings, or attitudes and behaviours of staff. What works well and what doesn't for you?”

To download a template click here.

If you would like to take part email your completed template to