A POPULAR activity that helps residents to get active during summer will return this year with Covid guidelines in mind.

Beat the Street was first launched in 2019 and saw more than 25,000 people take part.

The activity, which usually runs throughout the summer holidays requires players to gain points by checking in at sensor points, called Beat Boxes, across the town. The more Beat Boxes you visit within an hour, the more points you gain.

Many people who took part in the event during 2019 said it encouraged them to be more active, as well as spend more time with their friends and family.

Coun Jim Andrews, cabinet spokesperson for public health, said: “It’s a real pleasure to announce that we are commissioning Beat the Street for another year in Barnsley. After the game finished in 2019, we had lots of families getting in touch asking for it to come to Barnsley again, and we’re happy to do just that this year.

“We know that one of the best things people can do right now for their physical and mental health is to move more and to get out into green space where possible, and Beat the Street really helps people do that safely.

“It’s free to take part in Beat the Street and it’s open to everyone regardless of age, ability or background. It’s so important to encourage people to get active, but we really want to highlight our focus on safety which is our top priority.”

To comply with Covid guidelines, the sensors on the Beat Boxes have been adapted so that no touching of the boxes is required.

Beat the Street will run from June 10 to July 22, to sign up, click here.