KNIFE-WIELDING thugs who reportedly robbed two teens of their bikes are still roaming the streets, say the boys’ concerned parents.

One man this week even reportedly rode past one of the victims on the very bike he stole, according to Kerry Wordsworth whose son Mason was threatened on Harborough Hill Road at around 4pm last Monday.

Mason, 16, was with Harry Methven, 13, outside the Halfords store when they were approached by two men who claimed to have knives and took the pair’s bikes.

Kerry, 39, from Redbrook, said Mason had since seen the same man – thought to be around 18 to 20 years old – on Monday, riding his bike – a customised matte black Carrera with a bright green logo.

“To think they’re riding around without a care in the world, I can’t believe it,” she said.

“The kids can’t do anything but go out on their bikes at the minute. It’s not fair to take away that bit of freedom.

“They’re not the kind of lads to be causing trouble.

“It makes me so mad that these people think they have the right to go around threatening kids with knives.”

Harry’s bike is a black Cannondale Trail 7 and was a Christmas present he’d been ‘eyeing up for most of last year’.

His dad David, 46, also from Redbrook, said he’d unwittingly driven past at least one of the thieves on his way to Harry immediately after the incident.

“They had their bikes against a lamppost and when they turned around some lad had jumped on Mason’s bike,” he said.

“A second lad ran for Harry’s bike and he’s gone to grab hold of him, before he said ‘don’t bother, I’ve got a knife and I’ll stab you’.”

A police spokesperson confirmed officers were investigating the reported theft.

“Shortly after 4pm, the pair, aged 13 and 16, were stood with their bikes in Peel Retail Park when they were reportedly approached by two men,” they said.

“The men, claiming to have knives, are said to have taken the bikes and rode off.

“Enquiries are now underway in relation to the incident.

“If you can help, or witnessed the incident, please call 101 quoting incident number 608 of February 22.”