BARNSLEY people are asking for resident views on whether technology that could help detect stolen cars should be used across the borough.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is technology that is used to help detect, deter and disrupt criminals.

An ANPR camera reads and instantly checks registration plates against a database record of ‘vehicles of interest’.

This allows officers to know where vehicles have been sighted, intercept and stop a vehicle that may be involved in committing a crime.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “All vehicles that pass a camera have their details stored, including those that are not of interest to the police, as it may be that circumstances change and officers do require previous information.

“ANPR is also used in missing person investigations where a vehicle is involved.

“This helps us piece together the last known places that person has travelled, saving valuable time in finding them.”

A survey has today (February 15) been launched across the borough to find out resident views.

The feedback will help shape further development around the use of the cameras and its infrastructure.

The survey is completely anonymous. To take part, click here.