INSTANCES of people ordering illegal items online has increased during the pandemic as Barnsley officers have warned those tempted to order that they will be prosecuted.

During lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping has increased meaning many postal workers have been incredibly busy however officers have cracked down on illegal packages.

Since November, officers in Barnsley have prosecuted 15 people for the importation of illegal parcels from overseas.

The parcels have included steroids, knives, batons and controlled drugs.

Chief inspector Paul Ferguson, said: “People are doing more online shopping than ever before.

“Online shopping isn’t anonymous and by working together with agencies we are able to intercept the items, see where the order has come from and see its intended destination.

“Ordering online is not anonymous and is not risk-free. If you are caught you will be prosecuted.

“We will continue to stop dangerous items from entering our district and harming our communities.”

If you have concerns about the importation of illegal items in your area, contact 101 or your local neighbourhood policing team.