A CARE home manager who battled through a short illness to care for her residents has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award after not having a single positive coronavirus result at the home.

Lynsey Walker, the manager at Saxondale Nursing Home, made the decision to close the home two weeks before the first national lockdown was announced in March.

The 44-year-old, from Thurnscoe, believes the reason why there are no coronavirus cases at the home is the effort and determination of the team.

“There are no words to describe how difficult, challenging and heartbreaking this year has been,” Lynsey said.

“When we received the initial information about the virus – it was almost like panic mode. My main priority was making sure our residents were safe.

“I made the decision to close the home before the lockdown. This was putting my job on the line, but I have a care of duty to those I care for.

“We have since adhered to strict regulations and measures throughout which has luckily worked well for us.

“I can’t thank my team enough for the sacrifices they have made. When the world stayed apart, we all pulled together.

“I could not have been more proud of our entire team. I couldn’t have got through this without them.”

Earlier this year, Lynsey had to have a vital operation, but was adamant it wouldn’t stop her.

“In August, I had heart surgery so was in pain for a while. I was advised by my doctors not to return until I had recovered properly.

“But I couldn’t have sat there after the year we all have had, so was eager to get back to the home and to my residents.

“Together we’ve kept more than 25 residents Covid-free and all of our staff continually test negative as well. We hope that this continues.”

Thanks to her dedication, Lynsey has been nominated in the Exceptional Achievement category at this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards.

She added: “I’m really emotional about this. You often think you’re just doing your best but to be acknowledged is amazing.

“This is for the entire team and our residents.”