IT'S snowing and has already put down a fair amount in the past few hours.

Here we will update with school closures and any disruption to travel routes as we find them.

Let us know of any difficult roads, school closures, or travel announcements and we will do our best to share what we know.

Schools (Updated 11.15am)

Outwood Academy Shafton - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 9.02am)

Oxspring Primary School - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

Tankersley St Peter's CofE Primary School - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

The Dearne Academy - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

Brierley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CLOSED Updated 9.02am)

Hoylandswaine Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.25am)

Oakwell Rise Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.25am)

Sacred Heart Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.25am)

Cawthorne CofE Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Darton Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Greenacre School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Netherwood Academy - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Springwell Alternative Academy - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

St Michaels and All Angels Catholic Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

The Forest Academy - CLOSED (From 12 noon) (Updated 10.20am)

Wellgate Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Worsbrough Bank End Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 9.47am)

Springwell Special Academy - CLOSED (Updated 10.06am)

The Hill Primary Academy - CLOSED (Updated 10.06am)

Carrfield Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.20am)

Gooseacre Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.20am)

Wombwell Park Street Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.20am)

Holy Rood Primary School - CLOSED (Updated 10.41am)

Queens Road Academy - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 10.41am)

The Ellis CofE Primary School - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 11.15am)

St Helen's Catholic Primary - CLOSED (Updated 11.15am)

Dodworth St John the Baptist CofE Primary Academy - CLOSED (Updated 12.02pm)

Burton Road Primary School - CLOSED (Afternoon only) (Updated 12.02pm)

Trains (Updated 9.02am)

Passengers on Northern Rail trains are to expect delatys until 11am

Buses (Updated 11.14am)

ALL Stagecoach services are now suspended

Buildings (Updated 10.19am)

Darfield Library - CLOSED (Updated 9.42am)

Dodworth Library - CLOSED (Updated 10.19am)

Grimethorpe Library (Acorn Centre) - CLOSED (Updated 10.19am)

Royston Library - CLOSED (Updated 10.19am)

Tricky Roads (Updated 12.53pm)

Kingsway, Mapplewell

Fish Dam Lane, Monk Bretton

Bala Street, Town Centre

Huddersfield Road, near Barugh Green - Traffic at a standstill due to a possible stuck car, please avoid where possible (Updated 9.25am)

Stoneleigh Croft, Worsbrough Common (Updated 9.27am)

Blacker Hill, Worsbrough (Updated 9.29am)

Old Mill Lane, Town Centre - Reports of cars skidding (Updated 9.33am)

Racecommon Road, Town Centre - Extremely slippy (Updated 11.38am)

Burton Road, Monk Bretton (Updated 9.52am)

Worsbrough Common - Streets are very snowy (Updated 10.15am)

Shambles Street, Town Centre - Cars are at a standstill (Updated 10.15am)

Higham - Reports are that Higham is gridlocked with traffic (Updated 10.15am)

West Gate, Monk Bretton - Very slippy road, please avoid where possible (Updated 11.15am)

Doncaster Road, Darfield - Stood traffic (Updated 11.35am)

Ardsley Hill - Two HGVs have been removed from the road following them getting stuck (Updated 11.35am)

Thicket Lane, Worsborough - Cars are reportedly stuck in the snow (Updated 11.35am)

Worsborough Bridge, Cutting Edge - Gridlocked (Updated 11.35am)

Roads towards Cortonwood - Very snowy and police are reportedly turning drivers around (Updated 11.55am)

Vernon Road, Ward Green - Dangerous conditions with traffic at standstill (Updated 12.13pm)

Park Road/Sheffield Road, Town Centre - Reportedly impassable with cars and buses at a standstill (Updated 12.37pm)

Wilthorpe Road, Redbrook - Very snowy and slippy (Updated 12.53pm)

Greenside, Staincross - Cars been ditched at the top, said to be very slippery (Updated 2.19pm)

Townend roundabout towards Westway - Traffic not moving, many cars ditched (2.31pm)

Cudworth bypass - Gridlocked with a reported lorry stuck (2.54pm)

Snape Hill, Darfield - Traffic at a standstill (Updated 3.32pm)