A HOSPITAL porter who has dedicated the last twelve months to his work has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.

Tony Fieldsend, 52, of Vernon Street in Birdwell, has worked as a porter at Barnsley Hospital for the past year and is described as one of the hardest-working members of staff – though Tony feels it’s all in a day’s work.

He said: “I’ve been a porter at the hospital for a year now working in the emergency department moving patients from here and up to the Covid ward.

“It’s been a stressful year because of coronavirus because even when you have time off you’re unable to relax as you’re up in the morning but it’s all in a day’s work even if it is really tiring.”

Tony’s fiancee, 53-year-old Tracey Myers, added: “He is very hardworking and such a caring person – he goes in to the rooms to see if the visitors need any help or to just make them a cup of tea.

“He does some of the jobs that most of the porters aren’t bothered about and he’s only been there for a year.

“He works 12-hour shifts and sometimes doesn’t even eat his dinner – he likes to keep the department moving.”

Upon hearing of his nomination in the Hospital Hero category, Tony added: “I’m really happy that I’ve been nominated but it is quite weird because I didn’t expect it.

“It’s really nice that someone has recognised my work as well.”