CHRISTMAS spirit at a Grimethorpe church took a hit last weekend after yobs cut through the village’s Christmas tree lights.

The tree, at St Luke’s Church, had been erected last Friday but just hours after the lights were turned on for the first time, they were cut overnight – leaving a live electric cable in the wet grass.

Fr Thomas Bates-Bourne said: “Given that this year has been so difficult for so many people, they were very excited about the prospect of how we can all celebrate together.

“The local residents’ sssociation put Christmas lights around the village on lamp posts – it’s been wonderful seeing people taking pride in their area.

“People kept asking me about the Christmas tree so I asked the council and they kindly agreed to put it up – it looked absolutely wonderful.”

Fr Thomas moved to the area from Wales during the pandemic and he admits it has been a strange year getting to know his parishioners.

“It’s been a learning curve this year for sure – if you’d have told me at the start of the year I’d have been an expert in livestreaming I’d have thought it was a joke,” he said.

“It has been hard to meet new people when everyone has a mask on but we’re finding new ways of getting in contact with them.

“We’re hoping that we can have some sort of carol service outside of the church and it would be very sad if it was next to a broken Christmas tree.”