BARNSLEY Hospital has reintroduced visiting to its antenatal and postnatal ward for expectant parents.

From Monday, a nominated birth partner is able to visit the new mum and baby for one hour a day.

The visiting slot will be made by appointment-only in a bid to control the amount of visitors on the ward at one time.

This relates to birth partners only, who accompanied the new mother during labour, and no siblings will be permitted on the ward.

Women can book their visiting appointment with a midwife on the ward.

A spokesperson for the hospital said: “We are only able to have one visitor in the four to six bedded bays and no more than four visitors on the ward at any given time.

“On the day a woman is being discharged, there will be no visiting slot allocated for that day.

“The nominated birth partner must wear a mask as they enter the hospital grounds and throughout their visit on the ward in line with government guidance.

“Birth partner temperatures will be taken on arrival of their allocated slot, if 37.8 or above they will not be given access to the ward and will be advised accordingly.

“The nominated birth partner must stay in the mothers allotted bed space only and must leave after their allotted time to allow for the next appointment blocks.”