A TEN-year-old girl has used the lockdown to get creative and has started a budding business selling scrunchies – and has donated more than 30 to the hospital.

Maddie Hall created Mooscrunch in April, during the first national lockdown.

She began making scrunchies with bits of leftover material from dance costumes made by her mum, Katie.

What started off as a lockdown pastime soon became a budding business for Maddie and she began selling her scrunchies to people across the country.

“When she goes to school wearing one, all her friends and teachers put their orders in,” said Katie, from Ardsley. “She also dances at Wendy Charles School of Dance, and has made scrunchies to match dance costumes – she has a good little enterprise going on.”

Maddie has also donated more than 30 rainbow scrunchies to the staff at Barnsley Hospital to thank them for their work during the pandemic.

“I am really proud of her,” added Katie. “She comes home from school and will sit on an evening making lots of scrunchies. I think she really enjoys it.

“We have transformed our conservatory to make her a little office where she makes the scrunchies.

“She's taken me on as her packing manager and almost every day we are sending orders out.

“I don't know what designs she will make next but I don't think she will give it up any time soon.”