RESIDENTS at a care home were finally reunited with their loved ones thanks to a new visiting area where families are able to hug each other despite the lockdown.

Staff at Ward Green Lodge, on Vernon Road, created a visiting room that allows families to speak with residents at the home from a safe distance.

The head of maintenance at the home, Steve Turp, spent days fitting the visitors room where family members put their hands into rubber gloves to give the resident a much-needed hug.

The socially distanced visiting at the home began on Monday and has been offered to families who have spent several months away from their loved ones.

The gloves and room is cleaned multiple times between visitors to ensure the safety of residents and their families.

Wendy Waddington, the manager at the home, said: “We have finished our visiting room so that families can visit their loved ones.

“We have done this so that everyone is safe. The room will be disinfected after each visit.

“We have attached some gloves so that relatives can hug their loved ones if they wish.

“We understand that this will not always work for each individual, but we are going to give it a go.

“At Ward Green Lodge we have missed all of our relatives visiting and we cannot imagine how hard it as been for all of you.

“This was built by our own maintenance man Steve who has done an incredible job. We can’t thank him enough.”