THE chapel at Wentworth Woodhouse is set to be transformed by local artists in a bid to regenerate the area.

The chapel at the house is now the backdrop for an exhibition by four local artists from the Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance project (ROAR).

Throughout the month, the little chapel inside the Grade I listed house is home to a rolling exhibition by the artists.

Sarah McLeod, CEO of the Preservation Trust, said: “For centuries the Fitzwilliams filled the house with artworks.

“The Trust is continuing that in a much more accessible way, by enabling people from all walks of life to engage with art and by supporting local creative projects.

“We decided to give four local artists the space and help they needed to stage their first ever exhibition.

“Our chapel is a place of calm and we thought it was the ideal setting for people to contemplate artworks.”

Former Rotherham headteacher, Kevan Cadman, one of the artists involved with the project, said: “Over the years I produced work under various creative monikers and had a reputation for cultivating creativity in the classroom, inspiring children particularly through the use of digital technologies, film and animation.

“I produce anything that falls out of my head and often work with lino printing techniques on pieces inspired by myths legends, and ancient superstitions.

“I’m now working on 2D and 3D pieces using wood, cardboard and reclaimed materials - even tin cans.”

Kevan’s exhibition will run until October 23, then the chapel becomes the domain of Shaheen Shah, Zanib Rasool, and Mariam Shah.

Their exhibition runs from November 2 until November 27.