SPEEDING was the top priority for Barnsley South East police officers after 11 motorists were caught driving above the speed limit in Hoyland in a single period.

Yesterday (September 29), the team from Barnsley South East performed an operation on Clough Fields Road to monitor speeding vehicles.

PCSO Shaun McDermott, of Hoyland, Wombwell and Darton, said: “In the one hour and 40-minute operation, we checked 106 vehicles.

“11 of these vehicles were travelling marginally over the speed limit. These drivers were stopped at the scene and advised.

“Two vehicles were travelling well over the speed limit.

“These two were also stopped at the scene and will be issued with formal written warnings under section 59 of the Police Reform Act for the manner of their driving.

“Remember, the neighbourhood teams do not carry out enforcebale speeding operations.

“Those type of operations are done by our colleagues from our roads policing group.

“Our operations are focussed more on engaging and educating drivers.

“Please drive carefully through your communities, it could be your child out there trying to cross the road.”