AN ANIMAL healthcare company has released guidance to help Barnsley pet owners keep their pets safe this autumn.

As the weather draws in, pet welfare company, Nutravet, has released a list of advice for pet owners that could help them to avoid things that are harmful to pets.

The list recommends avoiding autumn plants such as leaves, seeds, and acorns which if eaten could be poisonous to pets.

Owners are also warned of pumpkin which can make dogs ill if too much is eaten.

As the nights draw in, Nutravet has also recommended that both owners and pets wear reflective clothing to keep safe while walking near oncoming traffic.

Korina Stephens, a vetenary nurse from nutravet said: “During autumn, it’s important for pet owners to keep an eye on their four-legged friends for any changes in behaviour or health.

“Halloween and fireworks are a common stress trigger for many pets, and a common reason for owners to visit their vet.

“Planning ahead and preparing in advance can help to reduce any anxiety for your pets. Keeping Halloween treats away from pets and ensuring they don’t eat things they shouldn’t on walks is important to reduce the chance of poorly tummies at this time.”