BARNSLEY Hospital’s neonatal unit was donated baby blankets and hats made by local knitters.

Staff and patients at Cygnet Aspen Clinic, based in Mexborough, have provided donations and home-made items to Barnsley Hospital and nursing homes.

Service users at the rehabilitation service for women joined forces with a local craft group at Mexborough Library to knit and crochet 18 baby blankets and 150 baby hats.

These items were donated to neonatal units across South Yorkshire, including Barnsley Hospital.

The service users and knitting volunteers spent time together knitting, crocheting and chatting over tea and coffee in the local library.

Tracy Deakin, therapy co-ordinator at the clinic, said: “A lot of residents here said to us that it made them feel like they have accomplished something and that they are actually helping somebody as well.

“We have received appreciation messages from the hospitals and also got a pack from one of the residents in the nursing homes, just saying thank you for the gifts.

“This just makes it all worthwhile.

“Hopefully, our charity work makes the local people feel that they are not being forgotten about and are cared for.

“It just gives them a feeling of comfort more than anything.”

Anne Eagle, another of the therapy co-ordinators, added: “The charity work we have been doing has had a really positive impact on the residents here, especially during the recent lockdown.

“It has kept them occupied and busy, and the women have been encouraging one another.”

“Myself and Tracy are very proud of all the hard work that they have put in to provide these gifts for the community and it’s something we look forward to carrying on in the future.

“The positive feedback we have received has been amazing and is very rewarding.”