LEARNER drivers from Barnsley could begin learning to drive sooner thanks to a scheme which will take place at Sheffield Arena this autumn.

The Young Driver Scheme was established in 2009 and allows children aged ten and above to begin learning how to drive in a safe environment.

The aim is that the youngsters will learn how to drive over a longer period of time which could help them to be safer drivers in the long-run.

In the car park of the arena, a realistic road system will be created which features road signs, roundabouts and junctions to allow the young drivers time to perfect driving skills such as changing gears, braking and steering without the pressure of public roads.

According to statistics released by the Young Driver Scheme, the rate of accidents amongst those who complete the course falls by a half compared to other 17-24 year-olds.

Sue Waterfield, head of marketing at Young Driver, said: “We are really excited to be launching at Sheffield Arena. The lessons at Meadowhall were really popular but this gives us a larger space, providing plenty of opportunities for youngsters to try out lots of different driving skills and techniques – whether they’re a beginner or have already had a few lessons.

“Clearly something needs to be done to tackle the seriously high accident rates of our young drivers.

“Training drivers over a longer period of time allows youngsters to have a solid understanding of how to drive a car before they get anywhere near a real road.

“But the lessons are also lots of fun and they’re a great general confidence boost for teens and pre-teens, who take the responsibility very seriously.”

The Young Driver Scheme will return to the FlyDSA Sheffield Arena on September 20,October 24, and November 28.

Driving tuition is available for disabled youngsters.

For more information, or to book a lesson click here or call 0333 577 9010.