A HEADTEACHER has been praised for her hard work during the coronavirus pandemic, despite being in the job for less than a year.

Rebecca Paddock, 39, became the head teacher of Worsbrough Common Primary School in September, and never imagined that she would have to contend with a global pandemic her first year in the job.

Rebecca has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award in the Children’s Champion category – but insists her actions were part of her job.

“I love the school,” Rebecca said. “I first visited in 2018 and I knew that I wanted to work here so when the position came up I jumped at the chance.

“The pandemic has been a big challenge for all of us and I wanted to make sure that the school offered help and support not only for our parents and pupils, but for the staff as well.”

Rebecca organised breakfast to be sent to pupils via Amazon, and created small gifts to help cheer up pupils who were stuck indoors during lockdown.

“I thought about the help I would want if my child couldn’t go to school and I went forward with the plans.

“I also tried not to forget about my staff who were also in the same position of our parents and I helped organise things so they knew they weren’t alone during the pandemic.

“I am very shocked and surprised that I have been nominated,” added Rebecca. “My actions were part of my job but I am happy that people have chosen to nominate me.

“It makes all those late nights worth it. Hopefully we will see our pupils back in September.”