STUDENTS from Barnsley are still waiting to receive the results of their BTEC course, after the government U-turn caused havoc on results day.

The exam board in charge of BTEC results, Pearson, pulled its results the day before they should have been released.

Pearson stated that it would be re-grading every BTEC to ensure that they were graded on school-based assessments after the government announced a change in how A Levels and GCSEs were graded, after A Level results had been released.

This has left hundreds of pupils from Barnsley College and Penistone Grammar School, waiting for their results.

Toni Rhodes, vice principal of quality and access to learning at Barnsley College, said: “BTEC want to ensure that the learners receive the best possible results they can after the government U-turn with A Level results.

“At the moment, we are still currently unsure when our learners will receive their results. Even though the situation isn't ideal, BTEC have kept us informed every step of the way and are working to make sure that the results are correct.

“We have been working with students who require their BTEC result to accept their place at university, but most universities have been very understanding as this is an unprecedented time.”