BARNSLEY Hospital has announced that they are set to improve access with physical visiting now being allowed for all patients who wish to have a visitor.
Physical visiting is also allowed for patients who may be receiving life-changing news, as well as patients who are in non-Covid critical care areas.
The hospital has also confirmed they will now allow two named visitors to visit patients who are receiving end-of-life care - though they may not attend together as only one visitor is permitted at any one time.
A spokesperson said: “All visiting must be made by arrangement with the relevant ward.
“All visits will be at a specific time agreed in advance with the ward.
“Due to social distancing requirements, visits may be short in duration.”
Virtual visiting remains accessible for patients to communicate face-to-face with their friends and family using their own mobile device.
For patients not able to use their own device, the hospital have made devices available so they can keep in touch with their loved ones.
“Please note this is an ‘outbound’ service only,” the spokesperson added.
“Calls will be facilitated by a member of staff or a volunteer during the day, Monday to Friday, and are dependent on availability of the person being called.
“Calls can be made as a normal voice call, Apple Facetime, or WhatsApp video.
“This will also depend on the facility available to the person receiving the call.”