A BARNSLEY Hospital worker who cycles more than three miles a day to work is urging others to join him for 'Cycle to Work Day' today.

Richard Semley, a principal pharmacy technician, has been cycling to the hospital almost everyday in a bid to keep healthy.

Today, Richard has celebrated ‘Cycle to Work Day’ by encouraging his colleagues to ditch the car and get back on their bikes.

The 49-year-old said: “I live roughly one and a half miles from the hospital and I first got into cycling when mountain biking first took off back in the 80s.

“I travel to and from work most days on my bike and I try to get out into the countryside at least couple of evenings a week and also on a weekend.

“It’s always hard to motivate yourself to go out in the winter when it’s cold or wet but with the aid of a few layers you can be comfortable and I always feel better for having made the effort.

“I had a few years away from cycling when home and work life got in the way, but I dug my old bike out as a way of dealing with anxiety and stress.

“Not only are you getting valuable exercise but you become immersed in the sights and sounds of the countryside allowing you to switch off.

“An added bonus was that I lost over two stone in weight.”

Richard has offered some advice for those wanting to continue their cycling commute.

“Clothing is perhaps not as important as you might think,” he said.

“If your commute to work is short and steady and you’re not going to break a sweat then the chances are you can get away with just wearing normal clothes, just so long as you’re visible, and most importantly wear a helmet.

“When riding on the road try to pick a quieter route using side roads, it may take you a little longer but you’ll be more relaxed and enjoy the ride more.”