A BARNSLEY environment team has issued a plea to residents asking for them to clean their rubbish when leaving their park after yet another weekend clean-up was needed in Cudworth.

The BCB environment team is a commissioned service by the North East Area Council, which support local events across the Cudworth, Royston, Monk Bretton and North East wards.

Members of the group had to spend their time cleaning up the mess of others at Cudworth Park – though this isn’t an isolated incident.

A spokesperson said: “Another weekend and once again the litter left lying around in the park was unbelievable.

“It is a shame when people abuse the green areas that we have missed for so many months by not taking their litter home.

“Once again the team has come to the rescue and removed all waste from the site.

“Please people if you are visiting these green areas make sure you take all the rubbish home with you, or it is placed in the bins provided and let’s keep out green areas clean and safe.”