A WOMAN who said the secret to a long life is ‘getting on with it’ celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends.

Mary Brook was born on July 28 1920 on Shaw Lane to parents Joseph and Gladys Romans.

In her youth Mary studied shorthand and typing and went on to join the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATF) from 1939 to 1942.

The ATF was a women’s branch of the British Army that was active from 1938 to 1949.

“I think she enjoyed her time in the ATF,” said Mary’s daughter, Sue Cameron, 72. “She once told me that she enjoyed the marching and the uniform. She always dresses well so I think that side of it really appealed to her.”

Mary married her husband, Harry Brook on December 26 1942 at St Mary’s Church in the town centre.

Together they had their children; Sandra, Roger, Susan, and Adrian.

“I remember she made all our clothes when we were children,” added Sue. “She was very good at it, and she enjoys gardening although she can’t do it by herself these days.

“She has always kept a diary and she documents her life. I think they’ll be lovely to look back on one day and to see what life was like all those years ago.”

Mary now lives in Eboracum House, Barnsley and was treated to a celebration in honour of her birthday.

“I think she really enjoyed the day,” added Sue. “The staff put on a buffet and we all made sure we were socially distanced.

“We also made sure that she had a card from the Queen, which I think she was very happy about – she showed everyone.

“I think mum would say that the secret to a long life is just getting on with it. She lived through a lot and she has never let it get to her. I think she would tell people to keep going.”