FACE coverings will be mandatory in shops and supermarkets across the country from July 24.

Today, the government has announced that fines will be imposed to customers who fail to wear a face mask in shops in the UK.

Those who don’t comply with the new rules will face fines up to £100.

Since May, the government has advised people to wear face masks but this has not been enforced.

Nicoletta Brant, who owns Marshmallow Blends in The Arcade in the town centre, said: “It’s got to be done to ensure people’s safety.

“I think it’s going to be uncomfortable for those workers who will have to wear the masks for long shifts.

“But if it’s safer for everybody then it must be done. That’s the most important thing.

“If it makes people more confident to come and shop in the town then even better. “We’re all in the same boat.”