A LOCAL community came together last week to support a disabled youngster who had his tailor-made tricycle stolen by scrap men.

Claire Taylor, 45, of Oxspring, was shocked to find that her son’s tricycle had been stolen from her back garden by men who intended to sell it for scrap.

Her son, seven-year-old Charlie Taylor, has Down’s syndrome and uses the tricycle to get around due to having low muscle tone.

The community rallied and a fundraiser raised well over £2,000.

Claire said: “My little boy has Down’s syndrome and he has a mobility bike which helps him to get around because although he can walk, he can’t walk very far.

“It’s a lifeline to him, it means he can do the sorts of things that his friends do because usually he’s in a wheelchair which he doesn’t really like as he wants to be independent.

“It was horrible when it was stolen because it’s made for him and it’s worth a lot of money, when I put it on my Facebook the whole community were outraged.”

Upon sharing the news that it had been stolen, members of her community acted quickly to help find Charlie’s ‘lifeline’ but unfortunately it had already been turned to scrap.

This prompted two sisters, Laura Sykes and Gemma Bann, both of Penistone, to create the fundraiser for the youngster.

“The support we’ve received has been absolutely amazing and I can’t thank everyone who has helped us enough,” Claire added.

“We’re overwhelmed by the support we’ve received, I feel the community and the ladies who set it up deserve some recognition.”

To donate to the fundraiser, follow the link here.