A MAPPLEWELL charity shop has launched an appeal to help it store items – after being ‘inundated’ with donations since lockdown.

The Mapplewell and Staincross Charity Shop, on Towngate, was forced to close its doors during lockdown, but has since reopened with new social distancing measures.

When it reopened, the shop was inundated with donations from residents – which the shop was unable to store properly.

Jean Miller, who helps the run the shop, has been ‘thrilled’ with the amount of donations.

“We’ve recently opened again and we’ve been thrilled with the amount of donations we’ve had. People have really given back and it’s great to see,” Jean said.

“All the money we raise from our sales goes directly back into the community by funding local non-profit organisations, so it’s a real joy to be welcomed back.

“Unfortunately, we are a small shop so we have a shortage of storage places for the items that are donated.

“Because we’ve had this influx, we’ve been struggling to keep them all and we obviously don’t want anything to go to waste.”

Jean is now appealing to local residents to help the shop tackle the increased donations.

“We’re asking if businesses have any storage space or spare rooms that could help us deal with demand.

“We really are led by the community so for people to donate this generously is wonderful.

“But a little help to keep things safe would really be appreciated.”