THE Barnsley Virtual School Games took place this week as kids from across the borough took part in a bid to keep fit during lockdown.

Coinciding with National School Sport Week, the virtual games took place as a way of keeping the residents of Barnsley fit following the closure of schools during the ongoing pandemic.

Events for the week were designed to copy other sporting events that should have happened this year but were cancelled due to Covid-19.

Adam Rogers, 34, who helped organise the games, said: “We’re doing loads of different challenges throughout the week and the idea is to get as many schools involved as possible.

“There’s events such as an obstacle course which we’ve called ‘The Barnsley Gold Cup’ to emulate the actual Gold Cup and we’ve done a foot golf competition called ‘Barnsley Masters’ as well.

“The main aim is to try and promote kids being healthy and active.”

All primary and secondary schools across the borough were sent event packs explaining what students will have to do, and Adam believes there will be big support for the scheme.

“Obviously we’ve sent the packs out to all the schools in Barnsley and we’re hoping that they will get involved,” he added.

“We’ve got lots of different people promoting the event online as well, we’ve shared a video of the mayor advertising the week and we’ve even got a Paralympic champion to support us.

“There’s going to be a leaderboard throughout the week and then a winner will be picked at the end of the week.”

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