A YOUNGSTER from Royston has performed seven ‘random acts of kindness’ in his local area in a bid to boost morale during lockdown.

Louie Faver, of Oriel Way, has found a novel way to beat the boredom during his time off school and has come up with his own ways to cheer his neighbours up.

The eight-year-old spent his time off delivering bunches of flowers to elderly neighbours, donating food to a local foodbank and even buying the McDonald’s for the car behind him in the drive-through.

Adam, Louie’s dad, isn’t surprised that Louie has been active during lockdown as he has always been a ‘kind lad’.

“We were chatting away in lockdown and Louie decided with the help of my wife to think about ideas to boost morale in his local area.

“We thought he could do seven acts of kindness throughout the week, one each day to help whilst in lockdown.

“Louie came up with a considerable chunk of the ideas and we tended to follow his lead.”

The youngster intends to donate more in the future and get involved in his local community.

“He’s a kind-hearted person, he has a two-year-old sister who he absolutely loves and is really patient with her.

“We did a bit of litter-picking and as a family I think we agreed that we wanted to do it more regularly.

“I’m incredibly proud of Louie and everything he’s done during lockdown and I know that he’ll continue to do these sorts of things.

“If everyone did their own bit, the world would be a much nicer place.”