SOUTH Yorkshire police has released a warning, urging people to avoid illegal raves and large social gatherings this weekend.

The force’s Operational Support Unit Superintendent, Paul McCurry, warned that anyone who does attend such gatherings risks spreading coronavirus, and could also face legal consequences.

He said: “Under the current Covid-19 restrictions which remain in place, gatherings of seven or more people are against the law.

“These types of events should therefore not be happening. They hold very real, significant public health risks and our officers will be taking action against those found to be organising or attending them.”

Supt McCurry also asked organisers, and those considering attending, to think of the additional demand being placed on emergency services.

“The locations of raves can create added pressure. They can be difficult to get to and many prospective locations are at heightened risk of fire.

“I understand that a lot has been asked of the public in recent months, but it remains so important that where we can, we do not take unnecessary risks.

“Please think about what impact your actions could have, whether you’re thinking of organising an event or planning on attending one.”