A DISABLED man is appealing for help from the council after cars are still obstructing him passing in his wheelchair – more than two months since his last appeal.

Mark Ravenhill, 35, of Spring Grove in Carlton, suffers from cerebral palsy and claims the situation is driving him mad as he is unable to safely get out of his house.

He said: “People have been parking on the pavement outside my house for such a long time and I don’t really know what to do about it now.

“I am in a wheelchair and it really makes me mad that they’re doing this – nobody cares about what I am saying, it feels like I am being ignored.

“Both me and my wife are disabled so it’s really dangerous that we’re having to go onto the roads and face the oncoming traffic – we’re both getting fed up with everything.”

Mark has been trying to get Barnsley Council to act on the parking, even asking for double yellow lines outside his home, but to no avail.

A council spokesperson said: “We can’t take any action against motorists who park on a pavement or verge where there are no yellow lines on the road next to it. Please don’t report these to us using our online form – in these cases you should ring the police non-emergency number (101) to report the obstructing vehicle.”