A LOCAL artist has paid tribute to his lifelong favourite sport on what would have been the start of its new season.

Mick Wilson, from Darton Road in Cudworth, is a pointillist painter with his artwork being featured all across the UK.

During the lockdown, Mick has taken inspiration from his favourite sport – cricket – which has been put on hold due to the outbreak.

Mick said: “I’m a huge cricket lover, especially village cricket and I have been a member of the Wombwell Cricket Lovers’ Society for nearly 30 years.

“With this lockdown and all the cancellations that go along with it, I decided if can’t watch any cricket, I’ll paint it instead.

“I have started on a series of village cricket scenes purely from my imagination and memory.

“I used separate points to depict the scene that I imagined in my head.

“I would love to exhibit them when we get back to something resembling normal so that people can come and reminisce about the time we didn’t have cricket.

“I just hope it brings a smile to sports fans faces during a time when we’ve had to go without.”